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59574 Haven't We Heard In The Past That IUDs Are Dangerous? Intense Publicity And Litigation Surrounding The Use Of One IUD Called The Dalkon Shield Made The Use Of All Forms Of IUD In This Country Nearly Extinct DelilahSheehy79 2019.07.15 10
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59572 The Report Said The Tunnel's Support Beams Were Made Of Wood, Not Metal, And The Mine Had Too Few Carbon Monoxide Sensors Grover009128656 2019.07.15 4
59571 The Number Of Women In Their 30s And 40s Having Children Has Quadrupled Since 1970 While Women In Their 20's Giving Birth Has Fallen By A Third LucyNull24338108210 2019.07.15 21
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59565 -- The Homeland Security Department Warned Tuesday About An Unusual Cybersecurity Flaw For One Manufacturer’s Implantable Heart Devices That It Said Could Allow Hackers To Remotely Take Control Of A Person’s Defibrillator Or Pacemaker AnthonyIbarra36 2019.07.14 19
59564 Borno Is Where More Than 300 Girls Were Abducted Last Month And One Of Three Nigerian States Where President Goodluck Jonathan Has Imposed A State Of Emergency, Giving The Military Special Powers To Fight The Islamic Extremist Group Madeleine49W8248051 2019.07.14 34
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